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Lesser Poland against smog
Solutions for social participation that are part of Lesser Poland's actions in the fight against smog.

Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Małopolskiego

Mobile apps
social participation for the cleaner air

The fight for clean air is one of the priorities of the Marshal's Office of the Lesser Poland Region. Another element of the eco-Małopolska program is currently being implemented - the Ekointerwencja service for, among others, reporting improper combustion of fuels in furnaces.

Smog is one of the most socially recognizable problems related to environmental pollution. Poland is still one of the European Union countries with the worst air quality. The maximum annual average concentrations of suspended dusts were almost twice as high as the allowed levels. Among almost 3 thousand cities from around the world included in the World Health Organization (WHO) database, according to data from 2012-2015, 45 Polish cities were among the top 100 most polluted European countries in terms of PM10. In Poland, about 46,000 people die prematurely every year due to air PM2.5 pollution, which is roughly the same as the number of inhabitants of Kołobrzeg city.

That is why all initiatives aimed at a systemic fight for clean air are so important. A positive example of such activities is the Ekointerwencja tool launched by the Marshal's Office of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, operating as part of the project. The system built by the Wrocław-based GISPartner company is an integrated solution for reporting environmental violations by residents. Particular emphasis was placed on reporting fuel improper combustion. The effect is to be not only the possibility of quick intervention of the services in the event of locating the "soot", but also the broad building of environmental awareness of the region's inhabitants.

The project manager on behalf of GISPartner emphasizes the technological advancement of the system. Not only is it prepared for heavy workloads, it intelligently manages the entire notification process. These are possible both through any web browser and in dedicated applications available on Android and iOS devices. After a simple, geolocation-based report, users can be informed about its status via push notifications (both in applications and in desktop browsers).

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