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Our systems has been solving problems since 2003.
Regardless of business, its scale and purpose.
From space information systems and support portals
to process and infrastructure management.

Our technology works in the largest IT systems in Poland, proving its reliability every day.
Each of the following numbers applies to a different, independent system.
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monthly visits
documents in a system
a choice of our solutions
Spatial plans
All inclusive support in accordance with the law with fully automatic document generation
Inventory and management of property and infrastructure, including extensive network infrastructure
Support portals
E-customer service for handling administrative decisions, including national authentication system
E-city & e-community
A comprehensive solution for the implementation of e-services and statutory tasks of local government units
From air pollution monitoring to water management, nationally and regionally
ERP/EAM integrations
Advanced, two-way GIS integrations with ERP / EAM systems, including SAP
Mobile apps
Advanced smartphone applications for Android and iOS with full support and updating
Range of integrations
Integration with document circulation systems, SMS and e-mail, e-payments, dedicated systems and other

iMap - a proprietary GIS platform with powerful capabilities

Thanks to the use of our own solution, which is based on years of experience in GIS systems, we are able to offer a market-leading range of functionalities, flexibility, the highest efficiency and reliability.
Esri's Arcgis

We are a Silver Partner of the world leader in GIS solutions - Esri, Inc. Our implementations based on the ArcGIS have been awarded many times.

Open source

Open software supported by our proprietary solutions and knowledge to enable particularly cost-effective implementations.


Based on extensive competences and depending on the client's needs and implementation requirements, we optimally adjust the database solutions.

Broad technological competences

Thanks to experience, knowledge and the team, we adjust the technologies used in the implementation to the client's requirements, and not the other way around.

our implementations
During eighteen years of intensive work, we have built an impressive portfolio of implementations. Our solutions are used by local communities as well as public administration and business organizations from all over Poland.
Geoportal Krajowy – najważniejsza mapa Polski
ISOK – Informatyczny System Osłony Kraju
GAZ SYSTEM – integracja systemów GIS i SAP
Krajowa Mapa Zagrożeń Bezpieczeństwa
Portal Geostatystyczny z danymi GUS
Ekointerwencja – w walce ze smogiem
MZGK Nowa Sól – zintegrowany e-bok i GIS
Geoportal Karkonoskiego Parku Narodowego
in every scale

GISPartner has been providing IT solutions since 2003. Excelling our software for years means that we are able to handle needs on virtually any scale.


From strategic systems for central administration to international projects.


Implementations for voivodships, poviats and various types of associations of territorial units.


Projects for municipalities, in particular for cities with the size of several dozen to several hundred thousand inhabitants.

some of our clients
There are no clients that are not important to us. Here we present only a fraction of our systems, known more widely due to their territorial scope, thematic scope or level of complexity.
National Geoportal
Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography

The central point for spatial information in Poland, the purpose of which is to provide citizens, entrepreneurs and public administration with spatial information useful for business, sustainable development, environmental protection and management.

Logo GUS portal geostatystyczny
Geostatistics Portal
Statistics Poland

The Geostatistics Portal is a modern tool for presenting statistical data in spatial terms. It performs the functions of collecting, presenting and sharing information for a wide audience.

IT Country Protection System
National Water Management Authority

The system enables effective monitoring of the risk of the occurrence of meteorological and hydrological threats, the purpose of which is also to notify about the possibility of occurrence of threats. Its essence is to support the protection of Poland against the effects of possible threats.

Logo Wrocław
Geoportal of Wrocław
Wrocław City Hall

A geoportal created on the basis of our technology and developed for over 10 years, providing in one place a huge amount of geospatial information to Wrocław officials, business and residents, at the same time contributing to the development of the information society.

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RIIP zachodniopomorskie

Regionalna Infrastruktura Informacji Przestrzennej

SIP Kołobrzeg

Nowoczesny SIP dla miasta Kołobrzeg

Wrota statystyki GUS

Duży projekt z zakresu otwartych danych dla GUS

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