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The map
iMAP gives creative customers unlimited mapping possibilities. As a result, they become an effective communication medium for any organization.
map + data = geoinformation
The map, as an information carrier, is gaining importance. The visual presentation of data and their geographic reference makes it the optimal way to reach the recipient in the multitude of stimuli.

The storage, sharing and
promotion of geoinformation,
within and outside of the organizations.


Analyzes and presentation
of data related to
civil and military security.


Inventory and management
of dispersed infrastructure
and intersystem integration.

map as a universal information carrier

GISPartner products can be found both in smaller municipalities and in powerful institutions responsible for the security of the entire country. Below are some examples of maps built with GISPartner tools and the creativity of our clients.

Polish nature

A powerful tool with huge amount of data. By collecting information in one place, you can create and examine any of their combinations. The detail and scope of data make it one of the most popular websites of the Polish administration. The data from the Chief Inspectorate Of Environmental Protection, like the exact location and description of natural monuments, are an example of the level of detail at which the National Geoportal can be operated.

Łódź history

iMap technology allows you to explore maps in any dimension. One of the most interesting application is the presentation of data from different periods. The ability to overlay any set of layers together and change their transparency allows you to observe changes in time. The Geoportal of the Lodzkie Voivodship contains a dedicated set of historical maps that allows you to travel in time. We can, for example, compare a city map from 1939 with current aerial photos.

Małopolska in winter

Tourism is one of the most obvious use cases of maps. Geoportals based on the iMap platform allow for much more than simply adding of interests. An example is the website made for Małopolska Spatial Information Infrastructure and dedicated to the winter tourist offer of the Region. You can find there, ski stations with lifts, cross-country skiing routes, ski touring routes in the Tatra Mountains and more.

solar Wrocław

Photovoltaics is the future of energy. Thanks to institutional support, its popularity is growing rapidly. The first step in assessing the economic rationale for investing in solar panels is to assess the solar potential of the property, usually the roof. Wrocław has provided the residents with a tool showing how much electricity can be potentially produced from installations on almost every roof in the city, annually and broken down by months.

safe roads

Big cities produce huge amount of data. Presenting them in a useful way is now not a problem thanks to the many methods of visualization available on the iMap platform. An attractive presentation of data translates into the social potential of that information and ideas. The Wrocław Spatial Information System includes, for example, a map showing the places and causes of accidents on city roads.

Ruda for the investor

The available 24/7, up-to-date and complete information on possible investment locations is the first step for the local government to build a base for economic development. The tools available on the iMap platform include a portal with investment offers. As in the case of Ruda Śląska, it allows you to analyze the available facilities for investments and their parameters, such as development conditions and many others.

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