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The proprietary GISPartner platform that enables us to offer dedicated GIS solutions in virtually every industry and for every application.

Over the years of its very active presence on the IT market, GISPartner has developed its own technology, which is the basis of IT solutions and products for our customers, in particular in the field of GIS. It is the iMap Platform, which thanks to its features, has become a reference point for spatial information systems in Poland.

iMap Key Features

iMAP is a powerful system which, thanks to its flexibility, is used in a very wide range of implementations.

Below, we list only a few features of iMAP that show the potential of the tool.

  • Use of modern software components
  • Availability of modern solutions (cloud, mobile, 3D and others)
  • Compliance with national and European Union standards, including INSPIRE (CSW, WMS, WFS and other services)
  • Scalability of the solution in terms of functions - possibility of expansion
  • High performance, also under high loads
  • High reliability and stability
  • Possibility to build thematic GIS portals
  • Advanced data and service integration capabilities
  • Integration with other official systems
  • Secure access and authorization
  • Advanced access rights management
  • Fully compatible with Esri solutions
leading GIS technology

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and advanced tools, the application transfers some of the functionalities so far available only on desktop platforms to a web-based solution (e.g. creating documents, graphic and descriptive editing of spatial data), measurably increasing their availability for internal users and external clients.

The platform's flexibility enables its advantages to be used in a wide range of implementations and for virtually every client, from public administration units to energy companies managing complex infrastructure.

The iMap platform gives you the opportunity to build solutions that allow you to reach a wide range of users with relevant information. Tools for searching for spatial objects enable finding selected locations in the content of an interactive map. Identification of selected objects along with their relations to other data resources enables the construction of a comprehensive picture of reality.

The iMap platform is a comprehensively proven technology on the basis of which solutions are created that are stable, safe and useful. Solutions that make the functioning of organizations and their clients not only easier, but above all more cost-effective and time-efficient.

The system based on iMAP technology has not only been precisely adapted to our requirements, but also maintains exemplary reliable operation despite heavy loads.
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