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We started by building a leading position in the field of GIS solutions. Now we offer integrated, advanced IT systems for local governments, public administration and business, in any scale.
spatial information

Powerful GIS tools with a wide range of applications and recipients. Rich in features, easy in use.


Support for process management and customer service with e-services portals and automatic document generation.

advanced integrations

Unlimited possibilities of integration with external systems, from document flow to ERP/EAM systems.

our solutions are
used by millions
of users every day

GISPartner is a leading Polish software supplier, in particular in the area of geographic information systems (GIS / SIP / SIT). The most prestigious clients, including public administration institutions, are among the implementations based on the proprietary iMap platform. We have executed projects of strategic importance at both national and regional levels. The list of systems in operations also includes cross-border projects.

Our solutions include a wide range of applications. They support the processes of planning, monitoring and management. They enable effective and user-friendly use of collected data, both inside the organization and by an external customer. By contributing to the optimization of processes and allowing easy access to data, we spread the idea of the information society (open data). By providing solutions that support e-services, we provide a tool that significantly improves the image of public institutions in their environments.

We provide our clients not only with innovative, solutions, checked in countless implementations, but still important in the case of IT projects, stability. The company has been operating since 2003 and, apart from its Wrocław headquarters, has branches in several cities in Poland. GeoTechnologies sp. z o.o. is the company which we have owned since 2011 and cooperate on many projects.

core values

GISPartner has been operating on the IT market since 2003. We consistently build our position on with the core values shared among our incredible Team.


Together with the client, and for the client, we look for solutions and technologies that are best for a particular case. We want to be proud of each implementation and be sure that we have created an optimal product within the given financial and time framework.


Knowledge is our strength. We are an active participant in technological changes. Working with GISPartner, brings the benefits of the latest and best available IT solutions to the clients.


We believe that nothing shapes the path of working on complex IT projects better than going through it myriad of times. We have completed countless of projects, usually on a large scale, with a high level of technological advancement, often under the pressure of deadlines. We analyze each and every of these experiences in order to provide the customer with an even better experience with the next implementation.


Our solutions are often part of critical processes in organizations. Among our projects are those of importance to the security of the state. We always feel responsible for the processes carried out by our systems. This translates into both the architecture of the solutions themselves and the quality of customer service. Especially in terms of ensuring failure-free operation.


We work with people and for the people. We work hard to understand the needs of the client and its clients. The solution to be created must be user-friendly to both these groups. It's supposed to make both members of the organization and people using its services feel better.

our history
We started as a group of GIS technology enthusiasts. Today we deliver the most complex systems to the largest customers.
establishment of the company: signing a notarial deed in Wrocław
obtaining the status of Esri Business Partner
acquisition of GeoTechnologies sp. o. o.
Polish Business Award
launching the National Security Threats Map
launch of the IT System of Country Protection (ISOK)
implementation of the anti-smog system Ekointerwencja
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