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iMap Platform

iMap Platform

Suite of innovative software

iMap Platform suite iMap Platform

iMap Platform software suite is inseparable basis for dedicated solutions and IT products in the field of GIS / SIP.

What distinguishes iMap platform from others?

• Modern software components,
• Compliance with the standards of national and EU / INSPIRE (services CSW, WMS, WFS, in.),
• Scalability in terms of functionality and expandability,
• Efficiency,
• Stability,
• Internet / intranet,
• Base for the construction of thematic portals GIS / SIP,
• Integration of data and services,
• Integration with other systems official,
• Secure access and authorization,
• Use of software solutions supplied by ESRI Inc.

iMap Platform always stays one step ahead of others in geospatial branch. What makes us leaders? Innovative and unique solutions such as 3D solutions In the “cloud”.


The main idea which accompanied us in the process of designing iMap platform was broadening the range of clients and direct users who daily make use of spatial data gathered and stored in SIP/GIS database. The platform allows access to varied data by users with diversified levels of access. The platform gives possibility to set access on different levels – public and private (logging in).

Thanks to the latest technology and advanced tools, iMap platform allows to transfer part of functionality available so far only on desktop applications on internet platform (eg.: creating documents, edition of spatial data (both graphic and description) and increases its availability for external and internal users.

Characteristic features of iMap Platform

  • Compatibility with standards
    iMap platform supports the standards set by the implementing rules of the INSPIRE Directive and the Law on spatial information infrastructure in terms of services provided,
  • Interoperability
    The system allows to combine data collections and interoperability of spatial data services,
  • Scalability
    System design allows expansion - adding components, functionality. It also enables access of unlimited number of users,
  • Support for official procedures
    The platform provides tools useful to keep records, generate reports and statements in accordance with procedures official,
  • Object Search
    Platform iMap allows you to easily search the location of spatial objects,
  • Edit Data
    The solution provides full support for transactional services that allow you to edit (adding, modifying and deleting) of all types of spatial and descriptive data.
  • Advanced analytics
    The system provides advanced analysis tools based on relation attribute - space on multiple layers simultaneously creating reports and printouts.
  • Support for metadata
    Intuitive search service client CSW in accordance with Art. 9 point 3 of the Law on spatial information infrastructure.
  • Authorized access
    Authorized access to spatial data and attributes allows you to run applications in both the internal network and external Intarnet how Interenet while protecting data.
  • iMapCatalog
    iMapCatalog module allows database management system - layers / tables GIS, spatial data servers (eg. ArcGIS Server) and client configuration of map. It allows you loading, updating, archiving and data replication. Application management module provides full access to configuration tools of the graphical interface, manage users and their access rights to the data (in particular, classified data) and functionality.


Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of iMap platform is opportunity to broaden range of possible users. Tools dedicated to locate special objects allow finding chosen locations on interactive map. Identification of chosen objects on the map with their relation to other included data allows to build complex real image.

Proven solutions [PL]

Descriptions of iMap Platform deployments.

Platforma iMap
Platforma iMap

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