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Efficient management of network and technical assets


WodGIS is a GIS software dedicated for plumbing enterprises . It’s main objective is network and technical assets management.

Water and sewage companies have a number of business areas in which decision-making is strongly connected with spatial aspects. This applies to both operational and strategic decisions.

WodGIS software allows to collect data about networks and technical assets in the spatial database GIS. It creates wide range of analysis options, enriched with flexibility to create new layers if necessary. The software allows quickly find required information and offers mobile maps for field workers.

Implementation is preceded by analysis of the needs of the enterprise so as to give full functional and ergonomic solution for companies from the plumbing branch.

WodGIS are:

  • Visualizations of network infrastructure for both basic and specialist maps,
  • Problem management and work planning tools,
  • Tools supplying analysis of water use and optimization of unsold water,
  • Support of the process of charging for sewage runoff and snowmelt, which is commonly called the “rainwater”,
  • Linking electronic records of spatial objects,
  • Mobile maps to field staff - working in the field without prints,
  • Spatial investment operations on all stages - from planning, through acceptance to archiving,
  • Support network management processes - eg. Typing episodes of exchange based on descriptive attributes in the system,
  • Support the process of connecting new clients,
  • Communication with customers - geo-portal on the website of the company to service recipients,
  • Simple and flexible reporting,
  • Flexible data importing and exporting,
  • Ability to integrate with the software class ERP, CRM, SCADA, Inspection TV,
  • Data exchange systems for hydraulic modeling.


Main benefits of WodGIS system usage is access for employees and residents to current information about the network infrastructure - in short stacks of paper documents are converted into a spatial database.

The ability to integrate and exchange data with other systems in the company provides additional, previously unavailable dimensions of information network management, both at the operational level, eg. in the removal of failure and at the strategic level, with plans for expansion or replacement of the system.

WordGIS allows to increase efficiency and certainty of decisions made. All the processes connected with management and servicing of the network are standardized. The user gains efficient and flexible tool for data recording. Data analysis option provides new, improved tool useful in operational data correction.

WodGIS is more than an interactive map. It is a tool for efficient sewage and pipeline network management.

WodGIS - Wydajne zarządzanie infrastrukturą wodociągową i kanalizacyjną.
WodGIS - Wydajne zarządzanie infrastrukturą wodociągową i kanalizacyjną.

WodGIS to więcej niż interaktywna mapa, to narzędzie do sprawnego zarządzania infrastrukturą sieciową dla branży wodno-kanalizacyjnej.

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