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INSPIRE Directive

INSPIRE Directive

Infrastructure For Spatial Information in Europe


GISPartner offers services such as implementation of desktop applications and mapping portals which are designed according to INSPIRE requirements.

Legal basis

INSPIRE is the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe), a set of legal, organizational and technical means offering universal access to spatial data in the European Union. the aim is to support decision-making and actions that could have an impact on the environment, through the creation of a single European spatial data infrastructure.

The legal basis for the INSPIRE Directive of the European Parliament and the European Council, the text of which was published April 25, 2004 year, and 15 May 2007 was followed by ratification. the Member States have two years to adapt and implement the laws and the actions necessary to meet the guidelines of the Directive.

The directive is intended to create uniform standards for creating databases, improve and increase access to space resources and strengthen cooperation through the exchange and analysis of spatial data between institutions in Europe.

The main objectives of INSPIRE

  • Spatial information infrastructure in UE countries should be designed to store, share and keep spatial information data,
  • Possibility of connecting in unified way spatial data received from diversified sources in European Union and providing tools for common use of them by many users and applications,
  • Sharing spatial dat on terms which don’t limit unfoundedly their broad usage,
  • Easy access to spatial data, evaluation of its validity for definite purpose and clear terms of use.

Services required by INSPIRE

  • Services Search “enables you to search collections and spatial data services on the basis of the content of the corresponding metadata and to display the content of the metadata”
  • View services “allow at least: display, navigate, zoom in and out, pan, or overlay spatial data sets and to display legend information and any relevant content of metadata”
  • Download services - “downloading copies of spatial data sets, or parts of such sets and, where practicable, accessed directly”
  • Transformation services - “to transform spatial data sets in order to achieve interoperability”
  • Additional services INSPIRE - There is a need to run at least the services records (registry services), which include data on access to resources describing the data, thus enabling the correct processing and interpretation of the data itself.

Reliable solutions

Geoportal IKAR for the Polish Geological Institute is an example of an effective and comprehensive implementation taking into account the main guidelines presented in the INSPIRE directive. Portal was created on the basis of technological solutions from ESRI, its main component is the software ArcGIS Server. the essence of the Geoportal IKAR is the integration of spatial data resources.

Geological database held by the Institute are stored in the portal and disseminated by accessing the web browser.

Geoportal was the winner of the contest for the best practices for building spatial data infrastructure (SDI) ESDI-Net + 2009 in the category “Compliance with INSPIRE.”

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