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Local administration

Local administration

To meet the market demand, we have decided to expand the range of products in order to ...

Map portals

Map portals

iMap Platform software suite is inseparable basis for dedicated solutions and IT ...



WodGIS is a GIS software dedicated for plumbing enterprises . It’s main objective ...

GISPartner offer

According to a study of the British Ordnance Survey, confirmed with domestic experience, 70-80% decisions taken at all levels of management in public administration is related to geographical space.

Creating of common spatial infractructure and coordinating tasks for the collection and sharing of spatial data across european, national and regional levels, are also the objectives of the European Union (INSPIRE directive).

GISPartner designs, deploys and provides support for GIS software, dedicated desktop applications and mapping portals(Spatial Information Systems), used for efficient storing, processing and management of spatial data. Rich functionality of GIS tools allows us to carry out a series of geospatial analysis, as well as monitoring the processes supporting the planning, management of infrastructure and real estate, natural resources management, implementation of social policy and promotion on all levels of administration.

Our company also deals with development of mapping and descriptive data - creating maps, plans and terrain models, numeric terrain models, visualization of spatial objects and phenomena in 3D, as well as the creation of dedicated animations.

Additionally GISPartner offers full technical support, consulting and trainings.



Applications designed according to INSPIRE requirements czytaj dalej INSPIRE

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