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After a takeover in September 2011, GeoTechnologies Sp. z o.o. is owned by GISPartner Sp. z o.o. The synergy of experience of companies has a beneficial effect on the quality of products supplied. Both companies, in cooperation, implement projects and solutions aimed at advanced GIS systems in units of state and local government entities and the environment.

GeoTechnologies Sp. z o.o. was established in 2002. It is a well-known and respected manufacturer of software for state administration and local government units. The company creates products based on the best global solutions. Supplied by GeoTechnologies applications provide the ability to easily collect, update and archive data. They also allow to perform advanced analyses and reports, and above all, ensure the consistency and open-structured databases while ensuring their proper protection and clearly defined access to its resources.

The company services are not limited, apart from selling unified product they also offer working directly with the client, analysis of the needs and creating a product tailored to match client’s expectations. Services offered are complex - the company provides constant supervision of the project (both during implementation and after its completion), data conversion, training, and the delivery of first-class equipment and other services depending on the needs of the customer.

The company’s mission is to offer public administrative units the possibility of a comprehensive, convenient, adapted to the responsibilities and needs of the acquisition and use of information about the nature of space, and all the data from them is binding.

As part of the solutions GeoTechnologies offers, among others, applications that:

  • improve the process of information flow within the organization,
  • collect and share data within the system registration of land, buildings and premises,
  • perform analyses and reports for SIP,
  • create numerical maps,
  • include tools offering collecting and sharing data and graphical descriptive eg. in the framework of selected registers kept in municipal offices, district offices, institutions, industry, etc.

ESRI Poland

As part of the Business Partner Programme (BPP) GISPartner Sp. z o.o., is cooperating with ESRI Poland Sp. zoo. - the exclusive distributor ESRI Inc., USA, software for Poland. ESRI Inc., USA, is a world leader in software development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). ESRI Business Partner status is a confirmation of competence and professionalism of our team in terms of services offered.

May 2005 brought us possibility to widen our competences and reliability through signing an agreement – “Agreement on strategic cooperation in the construction of GIS systems for environmental protection and water management.”

Working with ESRI Poland includes promoting ESRI platform as a high-quality software which can be used in individual solutions worldwide. The software is promoted through work on geoinformatic projects ordered by clients both local as well as foreign. Cooperation also aims to support mutual knowledge and qualifications, as well as joint action for education and promotion in the field of spatial information systems with particular emphasis on the development of the information society.

con terra GmbH


In 2009 GISPartner gained a new business partner - German company con terra GmbH. Under the agreement GISPartner became a distributor of solutions offered by con terra GmbH. The key objective of the partnership agreement is effective implementation of the INSPIRE Directive on both Polish and European markets. The cooperation will also include construction and development of advanced geo products, which will create ground for effective correlation of solutions supplied by con terra and ESRI.

Con terra is one of the most important technology suppliers in the field of geoinformatics. It creates individual solutions in the field of Spatial Information Infrastructure. It is directly involved in the implementation of INSPIRE principles.

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