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About Us

The GISPartner company's goal is to spread Geographic Information Systems as a tool to support planning processes, monitoring and management, giving you the ability to effectively use the data collected. Based on the competence in the field of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and other IT solutions support the idea of an information society, providing access to information using the created systems and applications.

About Us

Products and services offered by our company can be applied whenever geographical location is one of the determining features of the object which is in the range of interest. Awareness of the need to use spatial information based on GIS solutions enforces the creation of systems which are tailored to the needs of, among others, administration, conservation, land use planning, pollution monitoring and geomarketing.

The company designs desktop applications and mapping portals based on local Spatial Information Systems, which main objective is improving storage, processing, and management of spatial information.

GISPartner operates mainly in the field of services related to the functioning of public service institutions beginning with local, through state to national administrative units.

Company's history

The company founded in 2003 is based on experience, knowledge and years of successful cooperation within our team of experts.

In a short time, the company acquired the status of Business Partner ESRI Poland (exclusive distributor of software from ESRI Inc., Company USA), offering its customers applications based on ESRI solutions. The partnership developed and after some time GISPartner became a certified reseller of the ESRI software. Currently cooperation with ESRI Poland covers mainly the implementation of joint projects and international cooperation.

In September 2009 new office of GISPartner was established in Lublin.

Since 2011 GISPartner is a sole shareholder in the GeoTechnologies Sp. z o.o.

Experience gained through years of practice, working over many diversified projects as well as wide range of competence supported by many certificates makes us reliable as well as competitive business partner.


GISPartner is all about people. Our company is a big team of experts with knowledge and experience in various fields, such as GIS specialists, surveyors, spatial planners, cartographers, programmers, mathematicians, statisticians. the team expertise covers fields such as: computer science, surveying and mapping, network industries, automation and measurement, telecommunications.

A wide range of expertise enables the deployment of specialized GIS systems for a variety of dedicated applications and integration with GIS domain systems.

The Management Board is represented by: Andrzej Szostek - Chairman of the Board and Marcin Bajtek - Vice President.

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